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As the biggest star since Elvis Presley Michael Jackson Vindication 2.0  had a great influence on music and culture of the world, breaking down many social barriers and paving the way for modern bubblegum pop music and the concept of a modern pop star in his own country.

Describe as “extremely important figure in the history of bubblegum pop culture" , a person exerting a “giant impact” and, although at the end of his life he rarely appeared in the media, he remained one of the most popular music stars.

Michael Jackson was known as an artist who created many styles of music, who also collaborated with other stars of the music scene, appearing on their albums and concerts. He influenced generations of performers of hip-hop, pop and R & B, including Mariah Carey, Usher, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown and many others.

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On 5 March 2009 Sony announced that Michael Jackson Vindication 2.0 would hold 50 farewell concerts at London’s O2 arena from July 2009 to March 2010. The concert series was titled “This is it!”. However, these shows did not happen, because Michael Jackson died from a long history of drug abuse 18 days before the concerts were due to be held. AEG Live announced early in September that footage from rehearsals will be released as a movie. Directed by Kenny Ortega, it documents Michael Jackson’s preparation and repetitions before the scheduled series of concerts. The film had its world premiere in 99 countries on 28 October 2009. The movie was deemed a great success, but its sales were later broken by Justin Bieber’s movie “Never Say Never.”

The film showed clips where Michael was singing dancing and laughing with the others. The film showed Michael Jackson in a different situation that you have never seen him before. He seemed more like a normal person. But despite this Jackson never sang live during rehearsals or planned to sing live in London. Everything was lip-synched and Jackson’s legendary dance moves were clearly not quite up to his normal standards and each dance session were taking a toll on his personal health. The film showed Michael Jackson struggling with the physical exertions, and he even looked in pain during some of the scenes. But Michael fought through the pain barrier to prove the rumors about his poor form and voice problems were completely fabricated by the media. The show was supposed to be a hilarious show with great technical surprises that have never been done before. Everything from flying diamonds, ghosts and a large bulldozer, the use of 4D technology that had never been shown before, to an 8 meter tall robot that Jackson himself would come out from the beginning of the show.

Michael Jackson and his team had
called the project “The Dome Project” that was about to show the world something they have never seen before. Scenes were filmed on “Green Screen” which was to be displayed during the concerts, and Michael’s famous music video “Thriller” was recorded again, while they made a short film in which Jackson played a spy who would be the intro to “Smooth Criminal”.

The film received mixed criticism from one to five out of five, and generally it was said that the film was mostly for fans, dancers and music lovers. 

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Michael Jackson Vindication 2.0 did a lot for today’s artists, and many thank him for his inspiration and for helping other artists to gain success. He got MTV to show black music videos. MTV made a statement in 2009, where they said: “MTV did not make Michael Jackson, he made us and no one rocked the VMAs like Michael did”.

Chris Brown, Beyonce, Ne-Yo, Lil Wayne, P. Diddy, The Game, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly, Chris Tucker, Michael Jordan, Akon, Justin Timberlake, Slash, Evan Ross and many other celebrities are big fan of Michael Jackson. He also made today’s contemporary dance to something completely different than it was before. Michael Jackson also made music videos completely different from the norm. He also turned R & B into something completely different than it was before.

Michael Jackson did a lot of good for both music and children in many countries. He gave much money to charity, and founded his own charities. He was also one of the biggest in the fashion industry and has inspired many of today’s fashion manufacturers.

After his death U.S. President Obama read a statement in which he describes Jackson as the greatest man in the music industry and gave great inspiration to others in the industry. Obama said in an interview that Michael Jackson was of great importance to music and humanity, so it was no reason not to come with a myriad of hands. "I have always had the sense of Jackson, and have all his songs on the iPod," said Obama.

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In 1995, Michael Jackson Vindication 2.0 released the album History - Past, Present and Future, Book I, a double album containing 15 new songs and a greatest hits CD. The first single, “Scream” was a duet with sister Janet Jackson. Michael Jackson got his 13th # 5 hit in 1995 with “You Are Not Alone,” written and produced by R & B star R. Kelly. The album started at the bottom of the charts and sold 3 million worldwide. The same year he embarked on an extensive tour, The History Tour. In 1996 he made headlines by separating from Lisa Marie Presley. In 1997, he made new headlines, because he allegedly had a child with nurse Debbie Rowe, and there was much speculation about whether Michael was the father, how much he had paid for Debbie to give birth, and if she would see her child again. It has since become clear that the children are white and that Jackson is therefore very unlikely the father. Critics called Michael a “Savior,” because of his humanitarian efforts to save the world. The topic came up many times during the concerts.

The History Tour was sold out. The three
stages that were used weighed 750 tons each. After he had finished the concert in Copenhagen, the stage was ready in Gothenburg. During the concert in Copenhagen, he was surprised with a 2 meter high cake, as it was his 39-year anniversary. The History Tour ended in Spain. 

In October 2001, MJ published a new album - Invincible. The new album contained 16 songs, including the single “You Rock My World” and the radio hit “Butterflies”. Michael Jackson worked with Rodney Jerkins, Teddy Riley, Dr. Freeze and R. Kelly. Carlos Santana also contributed to the album. "Speechless" is one of many songs that Jackson did not get released on singles because Sony put his foot down. Critics were not slow to say that the album did not measure up, though it sold well. Invincible has since 2001 sold 2 million copies worldwide (December 2011).

Michael was the first that got two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, first in 1979 as a member of The Jackson Five, then in 1984 as a solo artist. 

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From the 1980s it was claimed and generally believed that Michael Jackson Vindication 2.0 bleached his skin white. In 1993, Michael Jackson claimed that he had a skin disease Vitiligo, which was confirmed by his dermatologist in an interview with Larry King in 2009. The doctor also said that he also suffered from lupus. Vitiligo is a skin disease that 10-20% of the world population suffers from. It makes the pigments in the skin spots disappear and the skin is a light color. Jackson said in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 1993 that he got this disease just before the recording of Thriller, but covered up the light color with brown makeup. Over the years, the disease was worse, according to Jackson, and 85% of his body is said to have been covered with light skin. He said he painted the white rather than spending time trying to make up the brown. 

In the book Moonwalk Michael admitted having nose surgery twice and made a little butt on his chin. But he denied that anything else that was written about his appearance. However, it is known that Jackson had at least 21 nose operations in the 1990s and 2000s. Facial structure of his face has been significantly changed, and plastic surgeons have assumed that Jackson has undergone a large number of plastic surgery.

Jackson and some of his siblings said they had been physically and emotionally abused by his father, and in 2003 his father admitted having beaten Michael Jackson as a child. Jackson rarely talked about his childhood, but when he did he was very influenced by the and said he threw up before he met his father. Mental health experts said that Jackson was mentally like a 33 old man and suffered from regression. Other doctors have said that Jackson had dysmorphophobia. Dr. Deepak Chopra, a friend of Jackson for twenty years, said: “That which evolved into his morbid preoccupation with cosmetic surgery was an expression of self-mutilation, a total lack of respect for themselves”.

Like other pioneers Jackson was a victim of the methods and technologies that were at an early stage of development, and many wondered whether his nose was about to fall off because of the extensive cosmetic surgery. Jackson’s dermatologist Arnold Klein stated that he had built up Jackson’s nose all over again after other doctors had scraped it away completely.

During the 1990s, Jackson was addicted to prescription drugs, mostly painkillers and strong sedatives and his health was deteriorating.

Other personal problems, such as pain in the back, legs, etc., and the great pressure on Jackson around accusations that were made against him in 1993, are also be the reason for the dependency on prescription drugs.